Travis H. Brown

Travis H. Brown is a Missouri-based entrepreneur with more than 18 years of state & local legislative lobbying experience across nearly one third of our fine 50 states.  His government affairs work includes creating economic development incentives for major biotechnology companies such as Monsanto, facilitating major sports stadium tax deals such as the renovation of Arrowhead Stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, and improving the business climate for physicians through addressing tort reform for medical liability cases.

Over the last five years, Travis and his professional teams of advocates have been researching, improving, and suggesting changes to our state tax code systems to help create jobs.  As President of the Missouri-based committee called Let Voters Decide, he passed a 2010 state ballot initiative design to prohibit a third income tax that some cities have applied in the past known as the city earnings tax.  Today, his work includes inspiring several states like Kansas, Oklahoma, and his Show-Me State to help Governors end their harmful tax on personal income.

Travis holds an MBA from Washington University, and two degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  When he’s not carving up a tax code change somewhere, as a private pilot, he’s probably flying to another state capital to get into the trenches of structural state budget reforms.

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