Missouri Taxes

Having the right state tax code means that you apply the right incentives to the right working people, in the least harmful way.

Since we all hate taxes, but some of us depend of government spending, yourtaxcode.com evaluates how our state, as well as others, are performing with the “recipe” of a given tax code.

Unfortunately for the Show Me State, Missouri has not been growing like it should have or could have over the last decade.  We see this evidence inside a relative decline in working wealth, measured by net adjusted gross income (or NET AGI).  That’s the amount of State 1040 tax returns with the amount of income they are reporting, year over year, compared with the option of producing or transporting that somewhere else.

States that are growing jobs and income see a positive gain.  States that are losing, well, show losing it, often in big numbers over time.

This graph below tells us more about how Missouri is literally working, and where we are gaining income from other states, and where we are losing.  Be sure to check our full migration page that tracks such data over the decades of IRS taxpayer files nationwide for more information.

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